Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Down Slightly from Record High in 2022

DAVIDSONVILLE, MD. – As inflation continues to impact the pocketbooks of many Maryland families, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will be a bit more budget-friendly compared to the previous year. According to a survey conducted by Farm Bureau, the average cost of the traditional holiday feast for 10 people is $61.17, translating to less than $6.20 per person.

This marks a 4.5% decrease from last year’s record-high average of $64.05. However, it’s important to note that the cost of a Thanksgiving meal is still 25% higher than it was in 2019, underscoring the enduring influence of elevated supply costs and inflation on food prices since before the onset of the pandemic.

Regrettably, Maryland finds itself situated in the region of the United States with the highest average cost for the classic Thanksgiving meal. Comparatively, the Midwest boasts the most affordable average at $58.66, followed by the South at $59.10, and the West at $63.89. The Northeast, encompassing Maryland, tops the list as the most expensive with an average cost of $64.38.

The centerpiece on most Thanksgiving tables – the turkey – helped bring down the overall cost of dinner. The average price for a 16-pound turkey is $27.35. That is $1.71 per pound, down 5.6% from last year.

“Our hardworking Maryland farmers work day in and day out to produce many of our favorite Thanksgiving foods, even in spite of high inflation prices and fuel costs,” says Wayne Stafford, President of Maryland Farm Bureau. “We continue to encourage Marylanders to support our state’s thriving agricultural industry throughout the holiday season.”

Maryland takes pride in being home to a robust agricultural sector, which is the state’s largest commercial industry. The National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that Maryland hosts over 220 turkey farms producing more than 50,000 turkeys annually. Additionally, nearly 30,000 acres of vegetables are harvested for sale each year in the state.

The informal survey provides a record of comparative holiday meal costs over the years. Farm Bureau’s classic survey menu has remained unchanged since 1986 to allow for consistent price comparisons.
More information, insights, and data from the survey can be found on the American Farm Bureau Federation’s website.


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