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MDFB Webinar Series | Sponsored by Nationwide 
All webinars are on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM | Please register for each one individually.

Webinar One: Social Security 
Wednesday, November 29th | 6:30 PM
Filing for Social Security benefits may seem like a simple, straightforward decision. But with so many rules that can impact the benefits you receive, your Social Security filing decision is actually more complicated than you may think. While everyone’s personal situation is different, there are three key considerations you should make as you begin to plan your Social Security filing decision.

Webinar Two: Land As Your Legacy
Wednesday, December 13th | 6:30 PM
Whether your farm or ranch has been around for several generations or you’re a first-generation farmer, we’re here to help you plan for what happens to your operation after you’re gone. Farming and family are intertwined. That’s why developing an effective transition plan is important. With it you can prepare for the future knowing that your agribusiness operation will be handled the way you want. As an owner of a family farm or ranch, many of your assets are tangible items. Land, livestock and equipment may be difficult to divide evenly among your children or desired parties. And when the time comes for retirement, selling those assets to help pay off taxes and expenses can be equally challenging. With a plan in place, you can gain confidence that the needs of your business, your family and your future will be met.

Webinar Three: Retirement
Wednesday, January 17th | 6:30 PM
There’s a lot you need to know, but we’ll break down and simplify this complex topic to help you have productive conversations with clients.

Webinar Four: Life Insurance
Wednesday, February 28th | 6:30 PM
Life insurance has become a critical tool used by farming and ranching families to help protect their financial wellbeing. When your family is beginning, lower-cost Term Life coverage can help protect your heirs from high levels of debt common in our business. As your family and agribusiness matures, Whole Life coverage offers permanent protection. Then, as you transition your buildings, land and operations to the next generation, Survivorship Life might satisfy a different need. Finally, many of today’s life insurance products offer protection while you’re alive, especially to help pay for long-term care services in your own home. Learn about each type of coverage and how they can help protect your family in our 30-minute webinar.

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