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EPA Vulnerable Species Pilot Project

Read more on the EPA website.

To help EPA become compliant with its Endangered Species Act (ESA) legal obligations, the pilot project identifies 27 species throughout the U.S. (see map) that EPA alleges are uniquely vulnerable to pesticide exposures and aims to put in place very stringent upfront restrictions on nearly all pesticide use to protect these species and their habitat. To accomplish this, the agency would establish pesticide use limitation areas (PULA) that generally align with significant areas of the species’ ranges and habitat. EPA is assuming these species and their habitats are likely to be jeopardized/adversely modified prior to conducting any risk assessment or effects determination (which is a huge problem). Also, for awareness, EPA plans to extend this pilot to other species and other areas over the next couple of years, so if this proposal does not immediately impact the stakeholders you represent geographically, keep in mind that it might down the road.

Maryland Farm Bureau signed on to the following coalition letter sponsored by the American Soybean Association.


Nutrient Management

Following the listening sessions held across the state, the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA)announces a new strategy for Nutrient Management.

Read more from the press release on the MDA website.


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