The Land is our legacy

Promoting and protecting our rural roots.

As a rural community member, we know you care deeply about protecting and preserving the life you have built for you and your family. Together, it’s our responsibility to make sure that rural life – and the businesses that support it – are protected, preserved, and championed.

Our mission is to protect and promote Maryland’s natural resources and rural landscape. Farm Bureau works closely with state and national policymakers to ensure the voice of rural Maryland is heard.

  • Support for increased hunter access to public and private land around the state;
  • Advocating for additional funding for the Farmers & Hunter Feeding the Hungry (FHFH) program;
  • Advocating for improved wildlife habitat and food plots within state parks and wildlands;
  • Passage of legislation to aid in control of wildlife populations;
  • Protection of funds for vital farm and rural development programs like MARBIDCO, the Soil Conservation Districts, and agriculture education;
  • Passage of Estate Tax Reform in Maryland after more than 10 years of persistent lobbying;
  • Promotion of ethanol use and other renewable-based fuels, along with defeating numerous proposals to increase the gasoline tax; and
  • Negotiation of changes to the Smart Growth and Rural Legacy Programs to benefit rural residents.

Since 1915, we’ve been committed to promoting and protecting our rural roots. Join our 12,000 members that are just like you so that we can continue to protect the life that we love.

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