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Annette Braun

“I live on my family’s shorthorn farm where we raise and sell heifers, steers, and bulls to 4-Hers and other producers. I am the President of the Maryland Junior Shorthorn Association, and I am a member of the Farmer’s Fortune 4-H club. I will be attending the College of Southern Maryland this year.”




Agriculture in the Modern World

By: Annette Braun

On average, I show cattle at twenty shows a year. Three of those are fairs with spectators with questions for every exhibitor in attendance. The average American is 4 generations removed from the agricultural community since cities arrived. My goal in life is to educate the public about agriculture and how without it, we could not live the gifted lives we live today. Through agriculture fairs, we can bring the public back into the agriculture world and show them through hands on experience, where their food comes from.

The county fair happens once a year. Before I started, traveling the country showing, I only showed at the county fair. I waited all year for that one show and it was so exciting. The average 5 year old that lives in a neighborhood loves the fair because of the rides and the world renowned fair food. Little did they know that there is so much more to the fair. Agriculture enthusiasts use
the fair as a great place for education. The average American does not know where their food comes from and they definitely do not know the process of birth to consumption. The agriculture fairs are essential for people because it gives them the experience to know where their food comes from and how it goes from a seed to your plate or a embryo to on your plate. Farmers work very hard to become successful in their trade to be able to feed the world because without farms there is no food. It is very important to me that people know that, what they are eating is safe and will be nutritious. The agriculture fairs around the state and the country help bring farming back into people’s back yards.

People come to the fairs for the food and rides, but there is so much more to fairs. People may learn about everything in agriculture. My goal is to help people know where their food comes from. Agriculture fairs help bring farming back to the American suburbs.

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