MDFB Invites Marylanders to Celebrate Local Agriculture on National Ag Day

MDFB Invites Marylanders to Celebrate Local Agriculture on National Ag Day

DAVIDSONVILLE, MD – Today, March 19th, marks National Ag Day, dedicated to honoring America’s agricultural heritage. Maryland Farm Bureau (MDFB) is using the occasion to remind Marylanders of the state’s vibrant agricultural industry in their local communities. Maryland is the proud home of a diverse agricultural sector, which is the state’s largest commercial industry.

“National Ag Day is the perfect time to reflect on the impact that our state’s farmers have on our everyday lives,” says MDFB President Jamie Raley. “Through their dedication and hard work, Marylanders are provided with the food and fuel that sustain us all.”

Marylanders can support local agriculture by consciously buying products produced or grown on Maryland farms. Given farmers’ core mission to feed their communities, our local food supply can only be secured through the patronage and support of consumers. Supporters of local agriculture can also become members of MDFB, with their membership going to support our advocacy efforts on behalf of farmers statewide.

The significance of Maryland’s agricultural landscape is underscored by recent data. The 2022 USDA Census of Agriculture reports over 12,550 farms spanning more than 1,978,000 acres in Maryland. Furthermore, the “2024 Feeding the Economy” report, sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation, highlights that Maryland’s agriculture sector sustains over 18,000 jobs within the state.

MDFB is the state’s largest agricultural trade organization, composed of over 9,500 grassroots members. Our mission is to strengthen and grow Maryland agriculture through legislative advocacy, member benefits, and promotional and educational opportunities. MDFB has been sounding the alarm on disadvantageous policies that harm agricultural viability in the state.

In tandem with National Ag Day, MDFB proudly observes Maryland Ag Literacy Week from March 18th to the 22nd. Collaborating with the Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, MDFB members will donate and read agricultural-themed children’s books to students. This initiative aims to foster a deeper understanding and connection between farmers and consumers, enriching our agricultural community and connecting students with local farmers.


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