Maryland Farm Bureau Urges Passage of the 2023 Farm Bill for American Families

October 26, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Maryland Farm Bureau (MDFB) announced the launch of a new digital ad campaign encouraging Marylanders to advocate on behalf of the passage of the 2023 Farm Bill. This crucial piece of legislation, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring job production, a reliable food supply, and advancements in research, is more essential than ever in helping to feed American families.

Using actual Maryland farmers and MDFB members as spokespersons, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about the importance of the 2023 Farm Bill. It underscores the role of this legislation to meet the evolving needs of agriculture since the last Farm Bill’s enactment in 2018.

[Video participants in order of appearance: Jo-Ann Chason of Boxwood Farms in Harford County, Leslie Bauer of Rural Rhythm Farm in Howard County, Jamie Raley of Raley Farms in St. Mary’s County, Denny Remburg of the Frederick County Farm Bureau, Mary Lou Brown of Maple Breeze Farm in Dorchester County, and Wayne Stafford of Staff-Herd Farms in Cecil County]


“Amidst all of the disagreements in Washington, there is one thing that both sides and both chambers largely agree upon; the need to pass a Farm Bill,” said Wayne Stafford, President of MDFB. “The Maryland Farm Bureau is proud to support this common-sense bill dedicated to supporting our farmers, and we urge Marylanders to engage with their Members of Congress in backing this crucial measure.”

The release of the digital ad comes just one day after the House of Representatives elected a new Speaker of the House. In September, representatives of MDFB met with their Members of Congress and staff on behalf of a number of federal bills that will help Maryland farmers – including the 2023 Farm Bill. MDFB members emphasized the importance of policies that empower farmers to produce food efficiently while safeguarding our precious land, waterways, and air quality.

Senator Chris Van Hollen speaks to members of MDFB alongside Senator Ben Cardin

As discussions surrounding federal appropriation bills continue throughout the year, MDFB is committed to maintaining active engagement that emphasizes the 2023 Farm Bill’s significance. Earlier this year, MDFB joined the Farm Bill for American Families initiative, a multi-state effort to promote the passage of the Farm Bill.


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