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Keeping food production feasible in Maryland.

The average famer today can produce enough food to feed 165 people, while only receiving 16 cents out of every dollar spent on food. With increased expenses and decreased income, farming is tougher than ever – but we must find ways to keep it viable.

Farm Bureau is not just working for the farmer – we are also working for you. We are working to ensure that agriculture in Maryland is sustainable for generations to come. We are working to keep production costs down so that your favorite foods are more accessible. We are working to keep food on your table.

Not only does Farm Bureau protect your food source, it also provides a network for you to meet the people that are responsible for growing and harvesting it. We are all interested in knowing where our food comes from and how it’s produced. The best way to learn more about this is by speaking with those that do it for a living – a farmer! Click here to find local farmers in your area.

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