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2018 Farm Bill Survey from American Farm Bureau


ACTION ALERT – Tell the EPA that the existing Renewable Fuels Standard works 

Farm Bureau opposes the EPA’s proposed reduction in the amount of renewable fuels that must be blended into the nation’s gasoline supply. We are working with Capitol Strategies and the National Corn Growers Association to get the message out. EPA’s proposed regulation would mandate the Renewable Volume Obligation (RVO) be reduced by 200M gallons compared to the current federal law.

This is an unnecessary proposal that could harm our environment and limit rural Maryland.

The RFS is the federal law that helps get domestic, renewable, cleaner-burning fuel blended in the nation’s fuel supply. Corn-based ethanol is a primary fuel source for the RFS. This cut in required volumes will have a devastating effect on farmers and rural communities across the country. At a time when corn is abundant in supply and corn prices are hovering near the cost of production, this reduction would inevitably bring corn prices below the break-even cost.


Comment by the July 11 deadline to help save this market equivalent to 425,000 acres of corn. Tell the EPA how much harm this proposal would cause your farm and community. 




Passing legislation that supports our issues is a challenging process that require active participation by our members.

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