Ag Law Education Initiative

University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative

Phone: (410) 706-7377

ALEI work list MFB

  • Lori Lynch, Wesley Musser, and Paul Goeringer, Estate Planning for Farm Families, Factsheet, Univ. of Md. Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy (2013).

ALEI Videos

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Topics available:

  • What is a regulation and how are they made in Maryland?
  • Basics of a contract
  • Hanging a Beware of Dog Sign
  • Ag Leasing:
    • General Overview
    • Why not to use a residential lease for farmland
    • What about growing crops.

Forms available:

Fillable sample leases:

  • Cash
  • Crop-Share
  • Flex-Cash

Liability Waiver ( you have to read the checklist to get the waiver.

No trespassing sign checklist

CSA Contract